Class G Re-qualification

Class G Re-qualification is a 4-hour requalification class where advanced marksmanship skills and drills, stress management techniques, and personalized feedback prepare you and requalify you to carry on duty as a Florida armed security professional.

Class G Re-qualification includes both re-qualitication requirements.

Written Qualifcation

A 25-question written test will be administered after the class curriculum is done. The student will have up to one hour to complete the exam and will need a 70% or higher grade to pass.

Range Qualification

Your course of fire shall consist of 48 rounds. Your minimum acceptable score on the range course will be 168 points of a possible 240. You will be allowed to make three attempts at achieving a passing score of 70% (168 points) or greater. You will not need to fire the additional two if you qualify on the first pass.

To attend Class G Re-qualification, you must meet and/or bring the following:

Student Requirements

  • Be 21+ years of age & a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Be legally allowed to own a firearm in the state of Florida
  • Be able to operate a firearm safely
  • Complete a liability waiver before the start of the class
  • A valid government-issued ID or driver’s license
  • Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Also, choose pants or shorts with belt loops. Avoid sandals or open-toed shoes.

Firearm & Gear Requirements

  • Your duty handgun
  • (3) magazines
  • 50 to 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm caliber in which you are re-qualifying
  • Outside the Waistband holster
  • (2) Pistol Magazine pouches
  • A Sturdy Belt (able to hold up the weight of your gear)
  • Eye & ear protection

Class G Re-qualification Dates

Why Valortec

Why Train with Valortec?

Valortec brings decades of collective experience in law enforcement, national security, and emergency management to every class.

Safety First

You’ll learn in a safe and controlled environment, letting you focus on becoming a more skilled.

Real-Life Proven

You’ll learn practical techniques developed and refined through real-world experience – not action movies.

Civilian Legal Context

Civilians must follow stricter rules than LEO/military. You’ll learn to make decisions that protect you legally.

1-on-1 Attention

You’ll get personalized corrections and feedback on your technique to speed up your skill development.

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