Become a Better Shooter

In Just One Class

Become a Better Shooter In Just 1 Class

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99% of People Don’t Feel Capable of Protecting Themselves.
Valortec Helps You Be the One Percent that Do.

Valortec Firearms Training

Why Train with Valortec?

We’re conveniently located in Orlando, Florida, and bring decades of collective experience in law enforcement, national security, and emergency management to every class.

Real-Life Proven

There’s no fluff, no movie techniques here – just practical knowledge for real-world situations.

Legal Knowledge

Training doesn’t stop at shooting. Learn the laws, rules, legal aspects of liability & use of deadly force.

Safety First

Valortec prioritizes safety in all classes, ensuring you can learn at your own pace and go from comfortable to confident.


Valortec teaches practical skills you can actually use, not flashy tricks. Get personal attention to build your confidences.

See what real people are saying about their experience with Valortec.

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Want Legal Protection?

Valortec offers Florida Firearms Insurance with FLP. It’s a real insurance policy to back you up in tough situations.